Why Male Enhancement Pills Work Differently?

The human body is never equal when it comes to its metabolism and how it functions. That is why people usually have different reactions when taking some kind of drugs. Male enhancement pills are also one of the medications that might result in such a different outcome for different people. But have you ever wondered why different pills would work differently for different men? There are several explanations that come to that question. If you really want to know why male enhancement pills work differently for each man, you better stay here and read the rest of this article.

Different brands, different results​

The first factor that makes male enhancement pills work differently is, of course, the brand itself. Each brand of male enhancement product comes with different formula and ingredients. It means that they also come in such a different way of reaction in your body. Some brand put plenty of strong ingredients inside their formula that the pills can work in such a quick manner. Other pills might put a little less strong ingredients so that the effects of the drugs is not so robust.

Different brands of tablets will also come with various herbs or ingredients. Not all herbs can affect men in the same way. Some men react correctly with Horny Goat Weed while some others react better when they ingest something like Yohimbe bark.

The age of the man

​The second factor that really differentiate male enhancement pills would be the men itself. Male enhancement pills do not usually have a high impact on younger men for various reasons. First of all, younger men tend to be healthier in their sex life thus they do not really need male enhancement products. Even when they consume them, they won’t notice any different because they are already capable of sex.

Most old men and those with sexual in capabilities will benefit the most out of male enhancement pills. They will notice a significant amount of change or improvement in their sex life because of the formulation of the drugs. For that very reason, age does have such a role in creating different results when taking a male enhancement pills.

The Condition of the body

The third factor that actually contributes to determining different results in men regarding male enhancement pills would be the condition of the body itself. First, it really depends on the severity of the man regarding his sexual issues. If a man is having sexual issues because of hormonal imbalance, then taking male enhancement pills might be useful.

Despite so, some people experience sexual disorder because they are having mental issues such as stress or anxiety. If that is the case, taking drugs might not be the most efficient form of medication. They need to combat the main issues first which is the mental issues. By addressing the stress or the anxiety, they can get rid of their sexual issues without needing the pills. That is why some people do not have the best reaction when taking a male enhancement pills.

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Sizepro Penis Enlargement Pills Comparison

A little bit introduction about Sizepro, it is one natural medicine which works perfectly well and sync with metabolism system in your body. Moreover, it doesn’t have any side effect on human’s biological system instead work on the same page and in harmony.

Compared with the other penis enlargement pills, Sizepro is the real hero. The key is in the ingredients. Most of the other pills use chemical compounds in the tablets. Those chemicals failed to collaborate with your body biological and physiological system. In addition, it will lead to any bad effect for your body in the future.

Unlike the other penis enlargement pills, Sizepro uses all natural ingredients in their products. Thus, your body can react well and lead to a better result. All chemicals that have a side or adverse effect for body system are avoided by the Sizepro developer. Your body cannot adapt and react well with those dangerous chemicals ingredients. The following are the main components of Sizepro.

Tribulus Terrestris


Testosterone is the key hormone for a man’s sexual drive system. Tribulus Terrestris is known as a compound that increases the amount of testosterone in your body. The high amount of testosterone result in your body and mind reach the peak of its coordination during sexual intercourse.

In most cases, during sexual stimulations with your partner, your mind urge for the act, but your body doesn’t respond it very well. Either it because of the stress or become numb when the sexual arousals happened. This compound is the answer. It heals your body and keeps away the stress. Moreover, it automatically delivers the responses of sexual arousals in an instant.


The scientists have investigated this compound since years ago believing that it have a high impact for men’s sexual drive. Nowadays, niacin is one of the important compounds in any penis enlargement pills. It significantly increases your penis sensitivity both in the internal and external muscles. A little touches or feels lead bigger impact. It enchants the sexual intercourse in every stage of foreplay and of course the penetration act.

Damiana Extract

Another important compound is Damiana extract. It strengthens the entire pelvic area and gives extra focus on the tip of the penis. Furthermore, the natural lubricant will be produced after initial penetration to make the next move easier.

Now you can dig even deeper as your penis extends than before. The great thing is it doesn’t make your penis shrink after ejaculation. As you can act your penis to sustain the erection as long as you want.

Vitamin E

Known as a natural antioxidant for the human body for centuries. The blood purified by the help of vitamin E and allows the fresh blood to absorb more oxygen and protein to increase the libido. In addition, it’s not a momentary act for sure.

The bottom line

After many experiments, Sizepro is proved as one of the best penis enlargement pills. Most of the people experience around 20-30% penis extension after using the pills. The extension is recorded from the base to the tip of the penis.

Furthermore, it helps to increase the sexual desire and enchants the sex life by extending the orgasm and avoiding premature ejaculation. It brings back your passionate sex life and makes it better.

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Hacks For Small Breasts

Push Up Bras

The first hack when having small boobs probably seems like a really obvious one, but one of the biggest things that you can sometimes do to make your breasts look a little bit bigger is, of course, push-up bras. Now, I don’t ever wear push-up bras because I just don’t feel the need to wear them. Whenever I do wear a bra, it is normally just like a regular one. Sometimes there are those occasions where you just want to look extra, you know, kind of pushed up, give it a little oomph, if you know what I’m saying. If you are going to buy a push-up bra, get a good quality one. I would definitely recommend Victoria’s Secret or Pink or something like that. So if you are going to have a bra that is pushing up the boobs a little bit, you want it to be of the good quality, you want it to look nice.

Breast Contouring

Now another hack for having small boobs that I don’t personally do just because honestly, I really don’t have the time or the effort to want to put into doing this, but another hack, if you do feel like doing this and kind of feel like giving yourself a little bit bigger looking at chest area, is contouring. And now, apparently, this became a thing at 2017 to contour your boobs to make them look bigger, and it does work. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of people doing this, and it does kind of create the illusion of bigger boobs. Now, personally, again I have never tried this because I’ve never actually felt the need to contour my boob, but if you are one, who kind of wants to create the image of a bigger chest area, contouring can do that.


Love Your Boobs

The last and biggest hack that I have for having small breasts and this might sound really cheesy or corny, but it is totally the truth, it is learning to love your boobs. Honestly, there are so many good things about having small breasts. But just learn to love your body because I feel like so many people these days are getting plastic surgery and trying to change the way they look. But I just think if you actually learn to kind of appreciate what you have, boobs included, it will make you a lot happier of a person because I know when I finally kind of came to terms with my body and the fact that my boobs will probably never grow to be that big, I kind of just came to like myself a lot more, and it opened up my wardrobe options, and it really just made me a happier person in general. And so I hope if you take one thing from this article it is to be happy with not only your boobs but just your body.

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Top Rated Pills for Sperm Volume Enhancement

There are a lot of sperm volume enhancement pills available on the market. Yet, not all work. If you are looking for such pills, you need not worry. Below are the top rated pills for sperm volume enhancement. Without further ado, let’s start.

Volume Pills

The product has been sufficiently proved in certified lab trials. The product’s nutrient-rich ingredients boost the body’s ability to produce more semen. Those components are delivered to muscles located in the erogenous zones. Thus, stimulating them.

Then, the stimulated muscles are encouraged to push harder until the last drop of semen is ejaculated. Besides that, the pills also enhance the body’s producing capacity of testosterone. The result? Enhanced sexual desire. All of these benefits are combined to produce extra semen and also ejaculate all of it.

The ingredients

Volume Pills contain many natural testosterone boosters as well as aphrodisiacs. Here are two examples of its ingredients

  • Drilizen

Drilizen is a proprietary herbal mix that works like a vasolidator. It boosts stronger and long lasting erections.

  • Zinc oxide

Zinc oxide is the primary component that enhances the quality and quantity of sperm. It also enhances testosterone and increases sexual desire.

Volume Pills comes with a 67-day money back guarantee. All you need to do is to return the pack along with the unused pills. No questions asked.


After Volume Pills is Semenax. Semenax works by stimulating the muscles and organs that produce and ejaculate semen. These include muscles surrounding the penis, perineum, pubococcygeus muscle and ejaculatory glands.

The ingredients

As is Volume Pills, Semenax also contains Zinc oxide. Other ingredients that enhance sexual desire and libido and increase the blood flow to the penis are:

  • Vitamin E
  • Catuaba bark
  • Horny goat weed
  • L-arginine
  • L-lysine
  • Maca
  • Pumpkin seeds

And yes, it also comes with a money back guarantee too. No questions asked.

If you order one year supply, you will get many bonuses. For example, a $25 gift card penis, enhancement pills, and virility boosters.


Last but not least, Performer5. All sperm volume enhancing pills work in a similar way. The secret of Performer5 is, however, lies in the ingredients.

The ingredients

What makes Performer5 useful? Well, these:

  • Creatine
  • L-arginine
  • L-glycine
  • Malic acid
  • Zinc aspartate
  • Zinc gluconate

The product has been successfully tested in certified labs. As is the first two, it also has 100% money-back guarantee, with no questions asked. In case you are not satisfied, that is.

As we have already said, there are many sperm volume enhancing pills on the market. It can be confusing to pick one. Let alone choosing the best one. Even worse, it is possible that you choose that product that does not work or is harmful to your health.

These are the top sperm enhancing pills on the market. As If you are considering buying sperm volume enhancing pills, you should consider them. Why? Because all of them work. All of them come with money back guarantee.

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How To Treat Premature Ejaculation

I want to talk with you about premature ejaculation. In this article, I will define premature ejaculation, discuss the causes of premature ejaculation and what treatment options are available for this common sexual dysfunction.

The most common sexual dysfunctions are erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, and premature ejaculation, which is probably the most common sexual dysfunction of all. The definition of premature ejaculation is that ejaculation occurs sooner than desired either slightly before or soon after penetration has been achieved, causing distress to one or both partners. The causes of premature ejaculation are not known. The history is important because we have to differentiate an erectile dysfunction, which is a failure to obtain and maintain an erection, as compared to premature ejaculation. It is normal for men to lose their erection after ejaculation. Thus they may erroneously conclude or complain of erectile dysfunction when the actual problem is premature ejaculation.

The treatment of premature ejaculation has been treated with psychotherapy, behavior therapy called the squeeze technique, or now we have medical therapy using several of the serotonin reuptake inhibitors called SSRIs. Or another treatment option is topical therapy with a local anesthetic applied to the penis that decreases the sensation in the penis.

The SSRIs that are used to treat premature ejaculation include Prozac, Sarafem, Paxil, Zoloft, and Adrafinil. These drugs are taken just prior to engaging in sexual intimacy, or they may be taken on a daily basis with men, who have a more severe problem with premature ejaculation. The topical agents usually are Xylocaine or lidocaine, which is jelly that is applied approximately 30 minutes before engaging in sexual intimacy.

The side effects of the oral medications are occasional nausea, dry mouth, and drowsiness. The dosages of the SSRIs that are effective for treating premature ejaculation are usually much lower than those recommended for the treatment of depression. And also the severity of the adverse events or side effects is much less than when the drugs are taken for the treatment of depression. The side effects of the topical treatment are numbness of the penis, and even with too much of the jelly or lidocaine applied to the penis, it may result in loss of erection and numbness to the female partner that can be avoided by the use of a condom.

There are several treatments that have been around for a while that are ineffective, which include long-term psychoanalysis, the use of one or more condoms, concentrating on something other than sex while engaging in sex, frequent masturbation, or testosterone injections.

In summary premature ejaculation is a common condition that affects millions of American men. Premature ejaculation is a treatable disorder. So if you notice the signs of premature ejaculate, do not hesitate and consult your doctor, he will advise you treatment options to solve this embarrassing issue.

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Surgical Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

I would like to take a few moments to talk with you about the surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is first treated with medications such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra.

Then, if those treatments do not work, then there are injections, pellets, or a vacuum penis pump. In the event of those are ineffective, then there are surgical procedures for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

A penile prosthesis is a surgical procedure that is accomplished by the insertion of the device to very tiny 2-3 inch incision at the lower end of the abdomen. The insertion of a prosthesis allows a man to create an erection whenever he wants, and the erection will last as long as the man wants the erection to last.

There are essentially two types of penile prosthesis. There is the semi-rigid rod, and then there is the inflatable penile prosthesis. A semi-rigid rod consists of the insertion of a rod that is wrapped in silicon at the base of the penis and allows the man to either create an erection or push the erection down when he does not want to be sexually active. The main disadvantage of this procedure is there is some moderate difficulty with the concealment of this semi-rigid rod. However, the advantage is that there are no moving parts and except for the minimal problems of concealment it is very satisfactory and most men are able to elevate to engage in sexual intimacy and place it down into a flaccid position when he wishes to conceal the erection.

The most popular penile prosthesis is the inflatable penile prosthesis. This was developed in Houston, Texas by doctor Brantley Scott. There had been over 500,000 of these devices implanted worldwide, and each year 15,000 of these are implanted in the United States. Through my career,  which began in 1978, I have inserted over  3,000 of this prosthesis.

The prosthesis of the inflatable variety consists of 2 cylinders that are placed in the erectile bodies of the penis, a reservoir,  which is placed behind the muscles of the abdomen, and a pump, which is placed into the scrotum. Everything is entirely concealed and no one can detect that the device is in place. When a man wishes to have an erection, he squeezes the pump in the scrotum, and the penis then becomes erect with the fluid is moved from the reservoir to the cylinders. The fluid is nothing more than a salt solution, and there is no problem if the salt solution leaks out of the system. When the man wishes to have this erection subside and return to the flaccid position, the man squeezes the valve over the pump in the scrotum, and then the penis returns to its flaccid condition, by having the fluid moved from the cylinders to the reservoir.

You can see the list of pumps at goforsize.com. This is your main source of information regarding penis enlargement pumps. There are lots of reviews, you can learn how penis pumps work and how to increase your erection and penis length.

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